Basementek Basement Systems (BBS) can make a huge difference in your basement. We can transform your empty space into an amazing living area that you and your family can enjoy and spend quality time in.

Basementek, Basement Systems

BBS provides high-quality, complete basement remodeling packages:

  • Basement Wall Systems
  • Basement Floor Systems
  • Basement Ceiling Systems
  • Basement Window Systems

Our basement remodeling packages provide a functional, yet beautiful and comfortable living area. Our finished basement systems are insulated, provide noise reduction, and are mold and water resistant. We can also adopt your basement finishing ideas to achieve your ideal basement.

Remodeling your basement is a wise investment that will add value to your home.  The ideal finished basement system can help you conserve energy, gain more living space, and provide a healthier home environment.


Stunning Designs for a Finished Basement

Basementek, Basement Systems

BBS only uses the highest quality, premium products for all basement projects.

Our basement ceiling tiles are not only beautiful, but they also resist sagging and do not encourage mold growth. We also offer  ThermalDry® basement floor tile systems that are available finished in both carpet and tile designs, and in an unfinished style that you can tailor to your own taste.

The Mill Creek Basement Flooring System we carry incorporates the beauty of natural wood with the waterproof and mold-resistant qualities of vinyl.

Our Everlast Basement Wall Panels are available in a neutral beige finish that can also be painted to blend with your decor. These panels can even hold the weight of a full-sized flat screen TV!

Incorporating Thermal Qualities to Your Basement

Basementek, Basement Systems

The BBS Basement Wall System with SilverGlo™ insulation is rated R-13 for insulation quality, the highest rating for basement wall insulation.

The ThermalDry® Basement Floor Matting provides a thermal break between the finished basement area and the unfinished concrete basement floor. It works to warm the floor, making the basement space more comfortable and efficiently heated. The basement floor tiles also block any moisture from going up into the carpet.

Our ThermalDry® Insulated Floor Decking™ has the benefits of both our famous floor matting and a layer of SilverGlo™ foam insulation. This added insulation helps to block mold growth and prevent the stale, musty smell that comes from laying carpet on a concrete floor.

We also carry EverLast™ Basement Windows that are made of crystal clear double thermopane glass. This provides energy efficiency while also bringing in natural light and beauty to your finished basement!


Updating Bathroom Cabinets

Installing new bathroom cabinets is a great way to update an outdated bathroom.  Today’s smooth cabinet surface areas are much easier to clean and maintain compared to the typical raised-panel ones that catch dust and dirt. Bathroom cabinetry that looks like furniture is extremely popular and gives any bathroom a unique and luxurious look and feel. …